IDEASS/IDEAS2.0 portfolio piece


The IDEASS tutorial shows data in a 3D environment for urban planning. It is a proof of concept application that serves as an interactive design document by mimicking a typical decision-making process for the IDEASS stakeholders. IDEASS or IDEAS2.0, which stands for Integrative Data-Enabled Approaches to Sustainability across Scales, is a 3 year program that studies the potential of new technologies to improve urban planning from a sustainable approach.



During this project I served as the wireframe prototyper. I used Axure and Flash to create clickable programs that portray the flow of the application we were going to build. The deliverable is a 3D application with low to high resolution architectural models; I managed those assets and made sure their conversion (SketchUp – Maya – Unity3D) was accurate. I also helped Emil, the project developer, with a couple of behavioural scripts to bring ‘life’ to the city – e.g. cars, bicycles and pedestrians.

A little about the process

During this project, GO, a 6-person team, collaborated with a team of researchers on sustainability from the University of British Columbia. We built a 3D application with Unity3D where the user can navigate through a typical neighbourhood with buildings of various sorts (residential, mixed use,…). The menu has a variety of scenarios that have preset strategies for sustainable urban planning. It illustrates different categories where changes can be made: technology, behaviour and integrated land use.

ProjectMaster of Digital Media curriculum

ClientIDEAS2.0 Research Team from UBC

DatesJanuary - April 2013

Project TechnologiesUnity3D, SketchUp, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

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